Sarah Connolly about Musical Working Experience

Over time, my interest in music has been increasing. And ultimately, I decided to try my hand at it at a professional level. I didn’t just want to be part of a musical band and play the piano along with my colleagues. I wanted to write songs and be the author of my music.

My Work as a Musician

At first, I had problems finding opportunities to play for the audience. However, I recalled my father’s play in a small restaurant and decided to also follow this way. I started by assisting my father on weekends. A little later, the audience began to recognize me and I gave solo performances. The problem was that I wanted to become a real author and expand my audience.

That is why I began to audition for various bands that were looking for a pianist and vocalist. I didn’t have much success, but I managed to perform for half a year with a small group of really talented musicians. There, I acquired my first and most important experience in composing.

The 1st Pop Album

For months, my music career did not seem to get off the ground. Finally, I left my fears and insecurities behind and began working on my first album. I decided that it should be something pop-like with the prevailing sound of an electronic keyboard.

Using the money I earned, I was able to rent a studio for a few days. In a short time, I recorded and mixed an album with the assistance of an experienced sound engineer. My first pop album contained 5 songs. “Boston Superb” was released in 2017, and you know, I am proud of it. Thanks to it, I had my first studio experience.


Although most of those listening to my first album were my friends, I still went on recording and releasing singles.

In the same 2017, I released “Massachusetts”. In this single, I tried to reveal the past of my beloved city and state. A few months later, I recorded “Shiver”. I added a bit of rock sound to it. “Shiver” was the first song that my friends really liked, and I decided to continue working on rock music.

My Rock Career

Since I already had live performances and recorded singles, it wasn’t difficult to join a new band where I could fulfill my rock ambitions. I stumbled upon their ad on Facebook. This time, my responsibility was vocals.

After a few months of covering famous songs, we came up with the idea of creating our own album. In 3 months, it was finished; “Fury rises” was released. It was a good album, but our sound was just awful. So, the album wasn’t popular.

Attempts to Become a Country Singer

Some members of the band gave up after releasing the failed album, so we decided to pull the plug on the project. And to be honest, I was incredibly happy about it. The atmosphere in our band was unbearable.

At the same time, I decided that rock was not what I needed. Although I didn’t abandon this genre completely, I was striving for a fresh approach. Back then, I went to Dallas with my friends. There, I got some country vibes and they reminded me of Johnny Cash and his singles. I met a good country guitarist, but he couldn’t sing at all. Still, we started recording our own material. By early 2019, the album was finished. “Boston Countryside” became my most solid and consistent album. The sound was good from start to finish.