List of Music Styles & Top Bands, Performers from Sarah Connolly

I decided to create a section on the blog, where I will tell about my favorite bands, artists, and music genres. I sincerely believe that music, like any other art, does not tolerate comparisons. It is diverse enough for everyone to shape their own opinion and tastes.

Still, here’s a small list of my preferences.

My Favourite Music Styles

Music styles are like stars; they lit up and faded in the music universe over the course of many years. Actually, the list of my favorites is extensive, but I will quickly go through the main genres.

The first one is rock music, of course. This includes both classic rock and heavy metal, surf rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, 2000s punk rock, and so on. I love this music because I have been listening to it since childhood. I love it for its drive. It inspires the desire to rise to your feet and start a wild dance.

Further, I would highlight classical music as it relates to a separate part of my life. My mother and my education undoubtedly affected my music preferences, too. At times, I enjoy listening to my favorite pianists like Liszt or Chopin. Classical music calms me down, gives me peace of mind, and helps me get absorbed by the music.

Country music also has a special place in my life. I love it for its somewhat social lyrics and soulfulness. Pop music is, perhaps, the broadest term out there. It includes a lot of completely different genres, and I love it. 

#1 Rock Bands and Performers

Here’s a list of my favorite rock-bands and performers.

Deep Purple

This is an absolutely iconic band with music geniuses being its members. I am talking about Ritchie Blackmore, the guitarist, and Jon Lord, the pianist. In fact, Jon Lord is my favorite rock pianist and I am fond of Deep Purple mostly because of him. As for the band as a whole, I like the early works, those created before Ian Gillan joined the band.


Ronnie James Dio is a real founding father of classic rock. For me, he is one of those who personify this genre, along with Alice Cooper. I love Dio for his vocals and vibrant music that has become a benchmark for many generations and bands. Unlike The Beatles, Ronnie opted for a much heavier sound, and I enjoy it very much.


Radiohead has an absolute superpower in music. The band is known for its heterogeneity. They don’t have similar-sounding albums. Tom and Johnny are constantly looking for new vibes, mastering new instruments. This yields great results. There are lots of experimental bands, but only Radiohead has managed to produce hits for 30 years.

John Mayer

Many say that it is John who can be called the best blues artist after B.B. King went to rock-and-roll heavens. And I tend to agree with that. Their collaboration confirms this. Mayer is an incredible guitarist — there are no secrets in blues for him. What’s more, this is complemented by his great vocals. Together with Joe Bonamassa, John Mayer leads the blues Olympus today.


Unlike Radiohead, Coldplay doesn’t experiment much. Sometimes, they are even included in the section of pop bands, not rock ones. But for me, Coldplay is exactly a rock band that puts a lot of emphasis on the sounds of electronic keyboards and pianos. They deserve my special love for this.

Top 5 Pop Performers

And now, let’s take a quick look at my favorite pop performers.

Billie Eilish

I adore Billy. At such a young age, she was able to climb the music ladder so quickly only thanks to her music.

Ariana Grande

Ariana is already a classic. Her collaboration with rap singers and her solo career are very successful.

Ed Sheeran

Is there anything to explain about love for Ed? He is simply a genius of modern pop music.

David Garrett

I love David for how great he combines classical and modern pop music. He literally gave violin music a new life. All violinists should take up his lesson or two.

Robbie Williams

He is an absolute legend of pop. Robbie is the author of many of my favorite songs like Feel, Angels, and Supreme. For me, Robbie is the new Frank Sinatra, he really has an incredible and unique voice.