Great Online Casino Songs Inspiring for Gambling

Music plays a major role in our life. It calms, inspires and motivates us. The weights become lighter when “The Animal” beats through the entire gym. The classic “Eye of The Tiger” makes us extremely durable and enduring while trying to surpass ourselves and push ourselves beyond the limits.

Music can make wonderful things. It helps deal with many life situations. And it especially touches hot-tampered personalities. They tend to take a risk and also use casino bonuses and play games. If you are one of them, we highly recommend you to familiarize yourself with the list of songs about gambling. These tracks will inspire you to make some bets in Texas Hold’Em for sure!

Genres of the Popular Songs at Online Casinos

There is a great genre diversity of songs about gaming. The land-based betting rooms usually play pop, jazz, blues, rock, and country music. The players often make a request to turn on a rock or heavy metal.

The interesting thing is that classical music is the most suitable for a successful gaming session.  The classic opera executants very often prefer to place some bets and visit staking houses.
casino music genres
The calm classic music perfectly relaxes the gamer and sets him for the reasonable and thoughtful play. This vision was proven by numerous scientific researches. For example, the scientists from Nottingham Trent University discovered the following things which this music can do:

  • Help the gamer cope with money losses during the negative session;
  • Relax and conduce better concentration;
  • Create a romantic atmosphere and make people think they have more chances to win.

List of Best 5 Songs about Gambling

We have collected top 5 music performances about playing for passionate gamers. These are hits of all times. Although they are of different genres, every player will find something personal in them. That is the secret of their popularity. And sometimes songs contain a pearl of wisdom, thus notice it.

1. Elvis Presley “Viva Las Vegas”

Recorded in 1963, this song will live forever. The legendary Elvis Presley chose the right words, describing the player as the man with the nerves of steel. The casino fans look back on the movie “Viva Las Vegas” where the star gets on a roll in the betting room to win a race.

2. Kenny Rogers “Gambler”

A fantastic song performed by Kenny Rogers tells us the story of a stranger man. He spent his life gambling. He gives us a good advice. Every hand can be both a winner and loser. Everything depends on you, so make the right decisions, be wise and cold-minded. Always know what to put and what to hold. And then you will be in luck’s casino songs

3. Lady Gaga “Poker Face”

Lady Gaga is known to be a provocative and tempered singer. Her “Poker Face” hit is so hot and sexy as well. The song is devoted to Poker masters and that thrilling atmosphere. The extraordinary girl wants the gamer to play with her, as she is so excited by the way he deals the cards.

4. Iron Maiden “Angel and the Gambler”

Iron Maiden is a truly classic heavy metal band. The thirty-eight albums of perfect performance made the team a legend. The marvelous “Angel and the Gambler” tells us to concentrate on our feelings while playing casino games.

Dice can come up with the wrong way. And we should ask ourselves how do we feel and why do we do that. Carelessness is the way to hell. Make a right choice before it is too late.

5. ABBA “Money Money Money”

What is the fastest way to make a fortune? Sure, it is gambling. The persona speaks of boring and sad routine at the average job. And the only way to reach the rich man’s world is to make a fortune in a casino. That sounds like all of us think while entering the doors of a betting house.