Music and Gambling – Have Fun with Best Bonuses at Casinos

There is a strong connection between gambling and music. This explains why people, especially the rich who frequent the ballet as well as concerts and operas are also thrill-seekers at the casinos. Interestingly, these music/gambling fans spend their earnings on charities. Casinos provide different kinds of incentives to such gamblers in order to entice them. For example, Blackjack Ballroom Casino offers various packs of bonus promotions with “music reverence”.

Apart from that, operators have interesting packages and offerings for music lovers such as in-game features, video slots with captivating soundtracks and VIP clubs that offer wonderful perks including tickets to events, music shows, lodging at a luxury resort etc.

Music Influence on Gambling and Players

So, why is the casino industry utilizing classical music today? First, music makes the atmosphere in the gambling hall to mirror a party hall’s environment. This helps to improve moods of the clients positively and can induce them into spending more money and time on the table. This is mainly because of the impact of art music on the brain.

It is proven through research that longhair music can arouse and increase emotions. The implication of this is that players have more excitement and are enthusiastic about winning in their games, and when they eventually win, music helps to improve the feelings associated with such a win. Heightened emotions and excitement make them continue wagering for more earnings and thrills.

music and gamblingHealth wise, classical music soothes and relaxes patrons as they place their bets. It reduces anxiety, pain, and hike in the blood pressure. This helps them not to lose concentration when they lose their money. According to Dr. Kevin Labar of Duke University, art music is able to have this impact because it causes the brain to obstruct the release of stress hormones and let off dopamine which is a hormone that improves pressure.

Although action houses would want bettors to continue staking their money, they would also want to avoid any confrontation with embittered customers; and longhair music plays a crucial role in making gamblers to stay composed. A deeper research on the topic of music influence on casino industry and vice versa, readers can find in our ultimate reviews:

Classic Music Events at Casinos

Normally, big gambling establishments organize music concerts and shows for their customers, especially their VIP club members for the reasons mentioned above. Usually, popular bands or artists such as Manila Symphony Orchestra are invited to the performance to make it more exciting. VIP may gain free entrance while other clients may require tickets to attend such events.

Concerts with Headliners

There were a lot of concerts organized by casinos that make strong headlines. Artists with international acclamation performed at some of these musical events which include the following:

  • ‘Piece of Me’ which saw Britney Spears performing in 2013 at the Axis Auditorium, a facility of the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino’s
  • The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino show of 2002 with a performance from one of the best entertainers in Las Vegas, the Chippendales (celebrities of different calibers were also in attendance)
  • Cheek to Cheek tour of the famous Lady Gaga at the Cosmopolitan Casino
  • Barbra Streisand music concert at Las Vegas MGM Grand.
  • Liza Minnelli performance at ‘At the Palace’ in 2009.
  • The 25 Live Tour of George Michael at MGM Grand Garden Arena in 2008

casino music concerts

Artists and Songs

It is true that music improves gambling excitement and reduces frustration arising from a loss, but all music genres do not have the same popularity in the casino probably because not all are inspired by gaming. Here are a few of the casino-inspired art songs.

  • Kenny Rogers‘The Gambler’ which was released in 1978
  • Elvis Presley‘Viva Las Vegas’ which throws light in the lively gaming environment of Sin City
  • Corb Lund‘All I Wanna Do Is Play Cards’, a Canadian classic music about poker
  • Motorhead ‘Aces of Spades’, though incorporating interesting gambling verses, the music is more of a tribute to the Ace of Spades.
  • ‘Poker Face’ of Lady Gaga which manifests the singer’s penchant for poker even though the music is much more than gambling.

Various Sound Effects

Improvements in gambling software technology have made it possible for game developers to produce video slots with captivating options of soundtracks, some of which are simple and easy to explain while some are more complex. For example, there are games that make unique sounds such as whistling, bell ringing sound, etc. when a player wins to make it more thrilling.

Some operators offer games that have the same sound effects with movies. Slot with Marvel/DC theme is typical examples of such games. Every game has its unique soundtrack, which is determined by its genre.

Sweet Bonuses at Music-Themed Casinos

Just like regular betting houses, music-themed casinos also entertain their customers and provide them with the opportunities of catching fun in different ways, including giving them awesome incentives like free spins, cash bonus, cashback, match and free hour play promo.

No-deposit offers

As implicit from the name, no-deposit bonuses are offers that don’t require customers to put any fund into their account before they can receive it. These types of promos come in different forms such as free money, free plays, and free hour play. Free money means that the players’ account will be credited with a stipulated amount of cash, say $20, for wagering.

But in FS, the operators allow them to spin the reel for a number of times free of charge, for example, 15 turns; while in free hour promo, they can gamble within a specified duration for free like two hours of gaming. However, promotions normally come with terms and conditions as well as wagering requirements.
casino bonuses

Deposit Promos

Customers only get this inducement when they put funds into their playing account. Some of these promos are meant to entice high rollers. For example, a casino can offer a whale up to $5,000 match bonus for making a huge deposit. Regular players are also pleased with rewards of smaller amounts like $50, $100, $500 for bankrolling with a certain amount of money.

Examples of deposit bonuses are match and cashback offers. In the former, the studio rewards a player for each dollar deposited with another dollar. For example, if you put $10, you will receive extra $10. The latter looks similar to match bonus except that operators give their customers back a certain percentage of their net losses over a stipulated betting period. For example, it can be 25% cashback for a loss of at most 100 USD.

VIP Programs

Casinos have VIP clubs for high spenders. Participants in these programs are given point counts for the amounts they wager. When these points reach a certain level, players can use them for plays or exchange them for real money. They can also use them to purchase air tickets, or gate pass tally for parties, shows, book accommodations in expensive hotels, etc.

Exclusive Gifts on Games

Action rooms offer various kinds of games as players’ interests differ. Most operators have bonuses for each or some of the games they offer. For examples, in some betting establishments, there are incentives specifically reserved for online slots such as free spins. The same thing applies to other offerings such as live casino and table games. These can be no deposit or deposit promos.

In-Game Bonus Features

Bonuses also come in the form of captivating features included in a game by its creator. For example, some online slots have wild symbol which can replace any symbol on the reels with the exclusion of the bonus and scatter symbols. This improves the player’s chances of winning.

Other useful in-game options include bonus games and rounds, 1024 ways to win, multiplier, joker, free spins up to 99 times, etc. For slot players that like listening to impressive sounds while spinning the reel, here are few music slots to look out for great perks.

Michael Jackson: King of Pop is an alluring slot title created to honor the memory of the pop icon, Great Michael Jackson by Bally Technologies. A good number of the top rated online betting houses offer this game which gives the players the opportunity to listen to Jackson’s music collections such as the Smooth Criminal, Beat It and others.

In the game, the two symbols, namely, the jackpot and bonus symbols are reserved for the King of Pop himself. There are other icons that have reference to the great musician and these include his Moonwalking shoes, hat and gloves musical games

Madness is a slot title created by Ash Gaming which plays a number of hot tracks from the renowned band Madness such as Driving In My Car, House of Fun and Baggy Trousers. When the bonus features appear, it is thrilling listening to the hit singles of this band that held sway in the music industry during the 1980s.

The Madness comes with awesome bonus features such as the multipliers, stacked wilds, free spins round and sticky wilds. You will stand a chance of landing at the golden dice in this game. It also gives you the opportunity of finding the lucky 7 symbol and or winning a progressive jackpot.

KISS: If you are a fan of KISS that reigned in the 1970s, the Williams Interactive creation titled the KISS which is compatible with Android and iOS tablets and mobile systems will definitely impress you.

Apart from the excitement you will obtain by listening to this music, the game improves your opportunities of winning big as you play on two sets of reels, a 5×12 reel grid and a standard 5×4 reel layout. It features 100 active paylines as well as wild symbols represented by each member of the music group.