Casino Bonuses for High Rollers – Best Offers for Elite

What distinguishes the rich from average people? Obviously, they own millions of dollars in their accounts, spend an extremely eventful life. They are always busy attending endless meetings, concerts, operas, and other places where celebrities and upper class is used to spend time. Their success is the result of the titanic efforts in career or business.

However, there is something that lies somewhere in their minds. The key difference which separates them from the rest, they are risk-taking. They are not afraid of losing something. That is why most of them love gambling.

And the gaming industry loves them as well. It has a lot for them to offer. Most of the online betting rooms have a separate category of promotions peculiarly for big spenders. They are usually huge casino bonuses, as only the rich high rollers are able to afford them.

Best Offer Types to Please Rich Players

If you have means to spend at the casino, you expect the equal return. You want to win big. The best variant is to visit high roller dedicated websites. They offer exclusively huge promotions for big spenders. More often, such prizes are a part of the loyalty program. The betting room appreciates players and rewards them with luxurious perks that can reach thousands of dollars.

But it is not the pinnacle of generosity. You can feel truly VIP service when the gaming house provides you with the personal manager. However, the presents are not limited by gaming activities. They go far beyond. We are going to talk about it further.high roller bonus

300% Match to the First Deposit

The gaming house is glad to organize a perfect salutation with the welcome package. It is a bonus attached to your very first deposit in the casino. The sum is granted according to the amount you contributed. The websites usually display it in % which is called “match”.

For example, 300% prize to, let it be, $1,000 will be $3,000. Thus, you will get $4,000 in total. Usually, this money goes with so-called additional free spins, even up to 600 of them. These turns allow you to place bets without spending actual cash from your balance.

Regular Promo of Thousand $$$

Regular promotions can appear on daily, weekly basis. As the rule, the casinos feature the most valuable gifts once a month and on holidays. It may also be the match prize (a bit smaller- from 150% to 200%, usually). High roller offers can include enormous bonuses up to 5,000 dollars/euros.

Another pleasant opportunity is a cashback. It means the gaming room returns you a part of what you’ve spent during the particular session. For example, let it be 30% in one business day. Imagine that was a bad day and you lost $10,000. The betting house would return you $3,000.

VIP Perks

As we’ve said before, operators offer other pleasant things besides promotions attached to the games. The loyalty program participants can win invitations for special events. Thus, you can become a part of the VIP community. The things you can expect:

  • Taking part in exclusive poker tournaments. Unlike the games of fortune, poker is much more a strategy-and skill-based activity. Serious people play poker, in fact.
  • Watching music (opera) concerts and meet celebrities. This is not only an exciting amusement but also a chance to meet more beneficial acquaintances.
  • Taking part in voyages. For example, it may be a round-the-world cruise.
  • Winning a ticket to vacation on a private jet plane. The vehicles of such level are truly flying hotels.
  • Visiting casino resorts.
  • Visiting beau monde special events.

high roller promo

Bonus Code at High Roller Casino

Some rewards require using bonus codes. Normally, they are a string of letters & numbers shown on the promo page of the casino. However, betting houses do not present high roller ones in broad daylight. VIPs receive them via e-mail. Or, hey, wait a minute! You are a VIP, so give this job to your personal manager.

Withdraw and Donate Winnings?

Casinos set higher withdrawal limits for VIPs – up to $500,000 for one transaction. To output winnings use bank accounts. The service is safe and capable of transferring thousands of dollars.

The common practice is to send donations to charitable organizations. Wealthy people found their own charities. The well-known institution The Giving Pledge founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet unites over 175 wealthy people from 22 countries. All of them help make our world better.

Gambling is not the means of making money, actually. It is an entertainment and the way to satisfy the risk taker inside you. So you can give the downtrodden the hope of a better life by sending the winnings to philanthropic centers.