Best Table Games Casino Bonuses

There is one popular mistaken belief that it is impossible to win money at casinos. Sure, that is not true. However, this misbelief has reasonable grounds. Everything comes from slots. These are purely random and only your luck matters. In fact, you need only to press some buttons and wait. As nothing depends on you, you will lose very often.

In case of table games, everything is different. The ability to analyze the situation and make the right decisions plays the major role. You can count your winning odds, develop own strategy, and become an unbeatable player. Your professionalism and knowledge influence on your success greatly.

In simple words, they figure up to 70% of your victory. Luck takes only 30%. That is why casino online bonus applied to such activities are in a great favor among the gamers. Betting houses feature various kinds of bonuses for Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps.

Roulette also stays on this list. However, we will not consider it as an appropriate activity to apply skills and experience. There is a wide range of promotions from deposit rewards to special in-game gifts. We are going to describe them all in details.table games promos

Match to Deposit Bonus

One of the most popular rewards is a match gift. It is given in the percentage according to your contribution sum. The percent can be from 50% to 300%. Usually, the betting rooms offer 100-150%. The gift can be either welcome given you after the registration at the staking room or regular promotion that appears periodically.

Sign-up promos, in general, are bigger. It is true especially when it comes to high roller and cryptocurrency casinos. Let us explain an example of Blackjack 100% gift up to $1,500 within 3 deposits. It means if you make 3 contributions $500 each, your balance will be credited with additional $1,500. Thus, the whole bankroll will consist of $3,000.

Table Games’ Cashback

Cashback gift makes your gambling a little bit cost-effective. This reward means the return of your total loss during a particular gaming session. Note, that this bonus may apply either to all table games or one amusement.

The returned cash is also measured in % (usually 20-30 percent) of your wasted sum. Thus, for example, if everything went wrong and you lost, let it be, $2,300 in Poker, the casino would give you back $460 in case of 20% return.

Note, if you end up the play with a profit, nothing will be credited within this promotion. Normally, this present is available for all the players. However, some betting rooms provide only loyalty program participants with this feature.

Free Plays / Chips / Cash

No-deposit gifts, in fact, are the great tool to try a betting house. With this promotion, you will be able to test games and improve your skills with no expenditures at all. Casinos offer the following prizes:

  • Free cash. Usually, it is the small money of around $50.
  • Free play. It resembles cash prizes. But, this present gives you an extra and absolutely free hour in a particular game like Baccarat. All the winnings from it are yours.
  • Chips in Poker or Blackjack, for example. To play these games you have to buy tokens and afterward make bets with them. This reward gives you no-cost tokens.

t&c for table games bonus

Pay Attention to Casino Bonus T&C

Any bonus is a honey pie. And sometimes the human nature shows its dark side, tries to cheat or takes this gift and simply leave. The casinos developed a strong anti-abuse system for reward users. It is a set of rules ensuring that the player will make bets after claiming the gift. If the gambling house detects the cheater, it nullifies all his winnings and bans his account.

For instance, it is forbidden to activate several promotions in a row. You can claim one reward, complete it and only after that use another one. You will not be able to withdraw the winnings without covering the rollover in 95% of cases as well. Thus, to make sure you do not do something illegal, check the Terms and Conditions.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are a basic condition for all kinds of rewards. The player has to play through the bonus amount a lot of times. After he completes this challenge he can withdraw the gift. Different promos require a different rollover value. As the rule, no-deposit ones require 60-90x. The paid ones need, in most cases, less – from 25 to 45 times. Thus, 45x for $100 will mean $4,500. Sometimes, you will have to wager the award + deposit.

Games Contributions

Your stake will have a different value towards the WR in different games. It means that, for example, your stake of $50 in Blackjack will contribute to the rollover $30. Thus, only 60% of the wager is credited. And, in Roulette, it may be only $2.5. However, slots always take 100%.

Game Rollover
Blackjack ≈60%
Baccarat ≈60%
Roulette ≈5%
Craps ≈0%
Poker (Pai Gow) ≈50%