Full Review of Casino Bonus for VIP Players

Nowadays, the gaming industry is a highly competitive environment. Every betting room tries to be the best, to wonder the audience and make them stay. That is why staking houses always invent new features, present new gaming solutions within new promotional campaigns.

They pay even more attention to the last thing, inventing delicious packages for the players. The gamers, who stay long at the particular casino, get special treatment. The operator does everything to keep them playing. The loyal audience, as the rule, brings large profits.

On the other hand, it holds a VIP status that gives an advantage over the rest of the gamers. VIPs receive larger casino bonuses, greater support and access to exclusive events and competitions. In this article, we will describe the ways to become a part of the exclusive club and the benefits it brings.

How to Get VIP Status?

The rules depend on a particular staking room. However, it is easy to determine the similarities. In most cases, the key rule is to play regularly and spend much during the month. Some betting houses allow players to become a part of the program and earn loyalty points right after they’ve placed the first bet. Once you collect a required number of points you reach the VIP level.

Sometimes a certain minimum deposit is required. Only then you will be enlisted in the VIP club. Thus, you do not need to be skilled or lucky. You have to be rich. Another way is to get a personal invitation or special promo code. Remember that a casino can deprive you of the status. It can happen if you stopped playing for some time. Or, you tried to abuse the promotions. Read T&C carefully and play fairly.vip bonus invitation

Deposit Minimum $1,000

As we mentioned before sometimes you need to make a significant contribution – a kind of the entry ticket to the club. The price varies, however, the minimum sum must start at least from $1,000. You can just put the pure cash into your account or claim a welcome package. The best variant is a high roller bonus. Lots of betting houses offer generous rewards for big deposits. You may get 200-300% match prize or just a huge sum of extra credits and a plenty of free spins in addition.

Get the Invitation

The alternative procedure is the personal invitation. The betting house evaluates the activity of the players. If it notices your loyalty and your desire to win regardless of how much you spend, you will get the e-mail congratulating you with a VIP status. The only thing you need to do is to place bets consistently. You can significantly draw nearer the call if you make high roller stakes. And again, you can make a large deposit. It is the best way for you to approve yourself and show who the casino whale is here.

Casino Incentives for Elite Club Members

So, what do the VIP players actually get? Is it worth all the efforts? Objectively, yes, it is! But it is only if you consider gambling an essential part of your life. The loyalty program is often structured into several stages. They vary from 3 to 6 levels. The tiers graduate from the lowest and the cheapest one to the highest, the top of the elite. By passing these stages you gain more benefits. Basically, the advantages of being the VIP are:

  • Personal assistant. He or she will help you manage payments, claim promotions and consult on the related issues.
  • Faster transactions.
  • Extended opportunities for making contributions and cashouts – bigger amounts per transfer (even up to $500,000 per one withdrawal).
  • Higher bonuses of all kinds – match, cashbacks (can be even 50%), no-deposit and regular. Birthday gifts are included. Also, the promotions can go with specific requirements – no rollover, for instance.
  • Loyalty points. They are not only the tool to measure your progress. You can convert them to real cash. The conversion rate increases when you reach the higher status.

vip special incentives

Premium Rewards

Premium-class rewards include numerous events:

  • Cruise tours.
  • Private jet vacations. Enjoy breathtaking views from the window of a charter and then rest in a 5-star hotel in the city you want to visit.
  • Exclusive parties.
  • Vacations in elite casino resorts and hotels.
  • Dinners in the world’s top restaurants.
  • Opera concerts and various festivals. Win a ticket to the concerts of the famous singers, for instance, Joyce DiDonato and Bryn Terfel.

Thus, the gambling industry is integrated into highlife and can propose much more than just gaming. Many celebrities and other famous people visit the events organized by betting houses. It is a good chance to join in the noble society.